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Hello ...

My name is Rob and I am a social journalist who writes essays on race, (hip-hop) culture, politics, sexuality and religion. I publish for an online magazine called An Injustice! and update this website with blog entries featured on the Medium-based platform. 


My professional experience includes work in higher education, local journalism, housing outreach and sexual assault awareness and prevention.


I earned my Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, Ca.) in 2018 and hold advanced degrees in both theology and English literature. My academic work hones on white engagement of hip-hop culture


Please take a look around.


This site contains all of my online published content including blogs on rap music, whiteness, Black American culture, gay identity and American politics.  


Much of my content stems from courses taught at the high school through graduate levels in the subjects of religion, English, creative writing and critical race theories. 


Enjoy and please feel free to reach out via my Contact page. 


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